Dear Clients,

Sprea Misr for Chemicals and Plastics is a leading Company in Egypt specializing in manufacturing and exporting Chemicals and Plastics. Founded in 1989, Sprea Misr provides a comprehensive variety of products to a diverse customer base on a global level. Through our subsidiary Company Plastichem, Sprea Misr is also a premier provider of Adhesives, Formaldehyde, FUC-85%, Phenol/Urea/Melamine molding Compound and Formica.

For the past several years, the Company has grown substantially as we’ve successfully executed our corporate strategy which includes: expanding our product offerings; geographic global coverage; capturing large-scale projects; and implementing cost, pricing & productivity improvement initiatives.

Through firm guiding principles and stringent planning, Sprea Misr experiences growth and achievements with revenues each year. Demand has steadily increased in each of our manufacture segments as the years progress; Hence achieving remarkable targets within Sprea Misr.

For our next platform of growth we remain encouraged about our prospects. We are focused on fully integrating Sprea Misr and capitalizing on the synergies available to us. Increase in quality assurance at Sprea Misr will support our performance and the profitable growth of our sales for a projection of many years to come. At the same time, we see substantial cross-selling and long-term growth opportunities within each of our Factories; as the underlying of the Chemical & Plastics industry trends remain favorable to us.

I invite you to return to our website frequently for updates on our progress. Thank you for your interest in Sprea Misr.


Hesham M. Fahmy

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer