For Sprea Misr quality and safety have been recognized as key issues for establishing an effective and responsive systematic structure.  Specializing in Formaldehyde, Moulding Compounds, Formurea, Dry/ Liquid Glues, Phenolic Resins and Formica; Sprea Misr has managed to create a solid portfolio in associated certificates for both our local and International markets.

Sprea Misr takes pride in supplying all our Clients with the utmost in quality.  We have attained a rigid reputation, by conducting many researches based on economically feasible quality and safety strategies.   Our aim of a quality strategy is to develop a systematic approach, so that separate divisions work together to ensure the best continuity for all our global clients.

Beyond general principles, there are different views about the best way to improve quality; hence attaining the following:

  • OHSAS-18001-2007 / Since 2008
  • ISO-14001-2004  / Since 2006
  • ISO-9001-2008 / Since 1997
  • UL Certification  or  underwriters laboratories for (Melamine & Urea Moulding Compounds)
  • REACH Preregistration : for Formaldehyde, Melamine, Urea & Phenolic Moulding Compounds, Formurea,  Dry Glue, Glazing Powder
  • Approval according to the Egyptian organization for standardization and Quality for Melamine, Urea & Phenolic Moulding Compounds

We are always improving our progression in order to achieve all the requirements set by Clients.  Therefore, by achieving these certificates helped with implementation of a streamlined process and improvement of operational efficiency. 

With full proof quality management system, we have improved the reliability of our operations in order to meet our customers' requirements.