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Melamine formaldehyde powder resin GH

Glaze GH is a powder melamine formaldehyde resin used for glazing amino molded articles. It is converted into a solution by dissolving in water for the impregnation of paper. The resin penetrates into the paper and through a combined thermal pressing and curing process a composite of paper and polymer with excellent surface properties can be produced.

Parameter Appearance Humidity pH (1:1) at 20 0C Cloud time at 1000C Solubility in water (1:1)
Value White free flowing powder < 1 9 ± 0.5 500 min Clear transparent solution
Unit % pH units sec

Glaze GH is converted into solution by dissolving in water. A solution of 50 % concentration by weight of glaze GH is used.


Solution preparation:

  1. The required quantity of water* is taken in a mixing vessel fitted with an agitator.
  2. Glaze GH is added under agitation.
  3. Dissolution would be easier if the water temperature is maintained between 250C – 300C**.
  4. A clear solution is formed after the complete dissolution of the powder resin.

Decorative and overlay papers filled with melamine resin are used for:-

  • Lamination on particle boards.
  • Flooring market.
  • Decorative laminated boards are used in applications with heavy demands on chemical, mechanical resistance, and hygienic properties of surfaces e.g. Kitchen, lab, hospitals, etc.


  • Distilled or deionized water is recommended for the preparation of resin solution.
  • At lower temperatures, the dissolution would be time-consuming.
  • At higher temperatures, the usable life of the resin solution would be shortened.

Packing:  • 25 kg .nett laminated polyethylene bags.


Handling: It is advisable to wear a dust mask and hand gloves while emptying the bags. Hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and hot water at the end of the working day and before meals.         


Storage: The powder resin should be stored in the original bags in a cool place protected from heat and humidity. Do not keep the bags open or material exposed to the atmosphere. Glaze GH being hygroscopic would pick up moisture, Which would affect the quality and performance of the product adversely. The bags which have been opened should be carefully closed before storage. The recommended storage temperature is 20 – 25 0C for 6 months.


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